Digital bill

We provide various options for receiving or viewing your bills digitally:

Receiving by email
Viewing through the MyFarys online customer portal
Receiving in XML-formaat (via Peppol)
Receiving in XML-formaat (via DigiCrowd/CodaBox)
Receiving via Doccle

Bills by email

Start receiving your bill by email as a PDF attachment. This is:

  • quick: you will get your bill more quickly, giving you more time to pay. Moreover, you can pay it online using the payment button.
  • simple: we summarise your bill in the email. For greater detail, you can open the attached file.
  • efficient: you can save the bill easily as a PDF document.
  • environmentally friendly: opting for digital billing naturally means less use of paper, and also less CO2emissions, as we no longer need transport to get the bill to you.

If you do not pay your invoice on time, your payment reminders will also be sent via email.

Request digital billing today:

for bills related to water
for sportbills

Bills in MyFarys

Find out the quickest way to take care of your customer affairs:

  • MyFarys is a secured environment.
  • It is available 24/7.
  • Manage your customer details yourself.
  • Register for digital billing.
  • Check your bills.
  • Request Direct Debit Payment or pay your invoice online via the payment button.
  • Change the amount of the intermediate invoices.

Manage your customer details yourself

Bills in XML-format (via Peppol)

Peppol is the European standard selected for processing e-billing in Flanders. A company number is a prerequisite for this type of digital billing.

As a supplier, we send our billing data to an Access Point. This billing data is sent to the customer via a secure network as a bill in XML format in accordance with the Peppol standard by means of an automated link.

Please contact us to launch XML billing

Bills in XML-format (via DigiCrowd/CodaBox)

Anyone connected to the ‘CodaBox purchase bills’ service will also be sent our bills in XML format:

  • CodaBox delivers and imports your bill directly into your bookkeeper’s accounting software.
  • CodaBox also sends you your bill by email in PDF format.

Bills in Doccle

Doccle is like a digital file cabinet: it is an online platform for saving, administering and paying your bills in a simple and safe way. Doccle sends you an email with every new bill.

More about your bills in Doccle

Receiving your bills both via Doccle and email is not possible. If you would like to receive your bills via email, you must first delink your Farys account in Doccle.

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