About us

Farys provides a range of services in the public domain for the participating cities and municipalities. We provide the distribution and transport of drinking water, water sanitation and management of sports facilities. Since managing water in a sustainable and economical way is a social obligation for our company, Aquadomo assists customers in using their household water economically.


While we produce drinking water ourselves, we also buy in the largest part of the distributed water from other water companies. For years, we have been investing in even more security of supply for our customers. We do this by opting systematically for the diversification of sources and suppliers and by investing more in our own extraction.

A network of pipes transports the water to the participants over large distances. The drinking water then passes through an extensive distribution network in their regions to private customers and companies.



We assist cities and municipalities with the collection and transport of waste water to the supra-municipal water purification infrastructure and are in charge of expanding and managing an efficient sewage network. Finance, customer management and collecting sanitation contributions are also among our duties. We have been investing large budgets in the purification infrastructure since 2005.

A plan of action is being drawn up along with our participants for achieving the 2027 European purification standards, taking the financial capacity of each participant into account.


Cities and municipalities aim to cater to the need for sports opportunities for their residents through their sports policies and public sports infrastructure, but are often confronted with an enduring lack of sports facilities. Obsolescent infrastructure also needs renovation or replacement – local authorities are usually unable to arrange this on their own. After all, they do not always have the specialist knowledge in-house that is needed to build, furnish, maintain and operate sports facilities.


We act as facilitator in supporting our partners’ local sports policy by providing a high-quality offer in sport and recreation in close consultation with participants, suppliers, local sports clubs and sportspeople. We are also a partner in the entire process of the design of energy-efficient new build or sustainable renovation up to maintenance and operation.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and existing regulation are the starting point for providing accessible, safe and healthy buildings and surroundings for multifunctional use where possible.

Each participant is able to select from a broad range of services for their sports facilities:

  • multifunctional exploitation
  • investment and finance
  • administration, customer management and promotion
  • project design and implementation, facility management and use
  • safety, health, environment and quality certification


A Facility Management department has been set up to support the activities of the Sport division. Owing to our knowledge and expertise in architecture, project management, sustainable technology and legislation, we are the ideal partner in the total management of buildings and their surroundings, energy management, optimalisation studies and audits. We are also able to take on the supervision of new build and renovation projects and will take the role of lead official if required.

In concrete terms, our Facility Management personnel are put to work for the overall building and site management of the participant’s buildings, for sports facilities and for customers of the CREAT purchasing unit. In addition, our personnel provide complete (preventive) maintenance of HVAC, swimming pool technology, electricity, structural aspects and site management, repairs and planned maintenance.

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