Meter reading and consumption

Submitting a meter reading

Submit the meter reading to us annually on receipt of your meter reading request. That way, we do not have to estimate your consumption and can draw up a correct bill.

In submitting your meter reading, problems with the internal plumbing, such as a leak, can also be traced and resolved more quickly.

How do you submit the meter reading?
What happens if you do not submit the meter reading?
When should you submit the meter reading?
How do you read your water meter?

In certain cases, a Farys employee will visit you to take your meter reading.

More about a meter reading by Farys


The average annual consumption varies, depending on the number of residents. One (1) person/resident uses 48 m³ (48,000 litre) per year. For an average household, this is 84 m³.

Where do you find your average consumption?
What are the main indicators for average consumption in Flanders?
Tips for saving water
Request a water scan

Also take a look at MyFarys, where you will find a practical tool for monitoring your consumption more closely.

Has your water consumption changed? Have you filled your surface water well, or has your daughter recently gone into digs? Then you can adjust the amount of your intermediate bills so that you are not faced with this change in the annual consumption bill.

Changing the intermediate invoices via MyFarys 
Changing the intermediate invoices via online form

Has your water consumption changed without clear reason? If so, check for leaks and arrange a free inspection.

Further information on tracing leaks

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