Annual consumption bill

We will bill you annually for the water that you have used through the year on the basis of the meter reading that you have sent us.

View the summary page of an annual consumption bill here
View the detail page of an annual consumption bill here

If you do not submit your meter reading in time, we will estimate your consumption. If it turns out that you consumed more water, then you pay for this additional consumption at a later date (and at a possibly higher rate).

All the intermediate bills sent to you will be subtracted from your annual consumption bill, even if they were unpaid. You can view unpaid bills on the status of customer account on your bill.

Also take a look at MyFarys, where you will find a practical summary of your bills.

Billing for more than one dwelling
Billing for bulk consumers

Check your bill

  • Is the meter reading on your bill the same as the one that you submitted?
  • Is the number of residents correct?

If there is an error on your bill, please contact us as soon as possible.

Submitting incorrect billing data via MyFarys 
Submitting incorrect billing data via the online form

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