Moving house and becoming a customer

Drinking water

Contrary to your gas and electricity provider, you can’t choose your drinking water supplier – your address determines who provides your water supply (and treats the sewage).

Who is your drinking water supplier?

Become a customer

There are 3 ways to become a Farys customer:

  1. You move house to an address within our area for the first time.
    More about moving house
  2. You are (re)building and would like a new supply pipe within our area.
    More about a drinking water connection
  3. You live in a building with several apartments and the collective water meter is being replaced by new Farys water meters for each apartment. You will in future be billed directly by us for your consumption. This is arranged in the same way as a move, but without a departing customer. 
    More about moving house
Cancelling drinking water supply

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. You want to close your account for the drinking water supply of a home or company within our area.
    More about moving house
  2. You are the owner of a vacant building and are having the water meter removed or the supply pipe taken out.
    More about stopping water supply to vacant premises


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