Moving home

When moving you need to arrange 2 transfers: One for your previous address and one for your new address. We advise you to arrange these transfers of your water account as soon as possible after your move to ensure that you do not have to pay for the new tenants’ water consumption.


Record the meter number and the meter reading

For transferring the drinking water supply from an address to another name, we need the meter number, the meter reading and the date of transfer.

How do I take the meter reading?


Provide us with your details


Are you making use of the transfer document? Then bear in mind to:

  • fill it in as completely as possible.
  • state your name clearly and in full as shown on your identity card. This will allow us to give you the correct reduction on your bill (for example the reduction based on the number of residents).
  • also have this document signed by the new/previous tenant. We can only carry out the transfer if the document has been completed in full and signed by both parties.
  • make 2 copies. Retain one copy for yourself, give one to the other party and send us the original.



Once the transfer has been processed, you as a new customer will receive a letter or email containing your customer details. If these details are incorrect or incomplete, you can inform us about this.

Informing us about incorrect details on the confirmation of transfer

The departing customer at the consumption address will receive a final bill as confirmation that the transfer has been processed.

More about your final bill

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