Water bill

Billing cycle

We charge for your water consumption per billing period. This is a period of approximately 1 year.


Submitting a meter reading

You will be sent meter reading request once a year. Submit your meter reading within 21 days of receipt of this letter. This lets us know how much water you have consumed over the past year.

If you do not submit your meter reading in time, we will estimate your consumption. If it turns out that you consumed more water, then you pay for this additional consumption at a later date. This is usually at a higher rate.

More about submitting a meter reading


Annual consumption bill

Based on your meter reading, we will bill you for the water you have used via the annual consumption bill.

More about your annual consumption bill


Intermediate invoices

To ensure that you do not have to pay for the water for an entire year in one go, you will be sent intermediate bills.

More about your intermediate bill

Amended invoice

If through the course of the year you become eligible for the social rate, or you lose your right to the social rate, we will send you an amended invoice in addition to your original annual consumption bill.

More about your amended invoice

Final bill

You will be sent a final bill once you have arranged your move with us or if the water meter has been removed.

More about your final bill

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