Social rate

What is the social rate?

Discount on the connection price

To facilitate access to the water supply network, we offer a discount on the connection price.

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Discount on the invoice

You will receive an 80% discount on the overall amount of the bill.

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Who has a right to the social rate?

On condition that you are domiciled at the address where you consume water:

People with a disability

Anyone who has a right as of 1 January of the billing year to:

  • an integration allowance/income replacement allowance granted by the Federal Public Service Social Security
  • care budget for the elderly with care needs granted by the Flemish Social Protection department.

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People with financial support from the PCSW

Anyone who has a right to a living wage or living minimum as of 1 January of the billing year.

The PCSW grants this allowance.

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Aged and elderly people

Anyone who has a right to a guaranteed income or income guarantee as of 1 January of the billing year.

The Federal Pensions Service grants this allowance.

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How can you apply for the social rate?

The discount will be granted automatically. You do not therefore need to submit a request.

How do you receive the social rate?

We will settle the discount on your water bill or private water bill, if that bill is in your name or in the name of a family member.

Sometimes, however, a direct discount through your water bill is not possible:

  • If we bill the consumption of multiple households, for example, for residents of apartment buildings with 1 water meter.
  • If we bill consumption to a person who is not part of the family, for example, in a retirement home.
  • If we also bill business consumption.

If a discount through your invoice is not possible, we will pay compensation to the head of household, taking the number of family members into account.

We will notify you by letter and ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • your national register number
  • the security code indicated in the letter
  • the account number to which the compensation can be paid.

Forwarding information for compensation

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