Water meter

The water meter is an important tool for monitoring your water consumption and for correct billing. We can carry out the following work:

Adding a water meter
  • Every housing unit needs a water meter. Therefore, when you split an existing house into 2 residential units, you must add a water meter.
  • Do you want to use part of your property professionally, for example, for a doctor's surgery, hair salon or bakery? If so, have a water meter added to keep your private and business billing separate.

Price for adding 1 water meter

Starting at 2 additional water meters, we refer to individual metering.

More on individual metering

Turning or moving water meter

Is the water meter currently vertical and should it be positioned horizontally (or vice versa)? If so, we can turn the water meter.

Price for turning water meter

With major renovations, often more is needed than simply moving the water meter and the entire drinking water supply pipe must be moved. This is the case, for example, if the water meter needs to be moved from the left side in the building to the right.

Price for moving water meter

Replacing a water meter

Do you want to have your water meter replaced because you suspect it is faulty?

More on faults in your water meter

Have you received a letter regarding the systematic replacement of your water meter?

More on systematic meter replacements

Removal/moving of the water meter

If your home is going to be unoccupied for an extended period, it is best to have the water meter removed. For this, you pay a one-off fee. Water meters can be moved free of charge and can be requested by calling +32(0)78-35 35 99.

More about stopping water supply to vacant premises
Price of removal of the water meter

If the unoccupied property is going to be demolished, you will need to have the entire drinking water supply pipe taken out.

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