How much does a payment reminder cost?

Customers are given 30 calendar days from the date of billing to pay their bill. In practice, our first reminder is not sent out immediately after the due date on the bill. This is to avoid payment and reminder crossing each other in the mail.

We charge 10 euros for sending out a non-registered notice of default. This amount is to cover the administrative costs that arise with late payment. If we do not charge this amount, then prompt payers have to contribute to the costs incurred in pursuing late payers.

All protected customers will be sent the non-registered notification of default without incurring additional charges.

Customers with difficulties in making payments may request an instalment plan, free of charge. Domestic customers can also set up an instalment plan through the OCMW or a recognised authority for debt mediation.

In order to avoid problems - and the resulting reminder charges - we advise our customers to opt for digital billing (billing by email) or Direct Debit Payment.

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