Drinking water supply pipe

Farys lays a drinking water supply pipe from the water main in the street to your home, flat or commercial building. In the process, Farys also installs one or more water meters. In this way, you can supply your internal sanitary installation with drinking water.

You may already use Farys’ drinking water, but want to have something changed or the water meters and/or supply pipe removed by Farys. You cannot carry out works on the drinking water supply pipe and/or water meters yourself.

Both a new supply pipe and the change or removal of the supply pipe start with the request to Farys.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions.

Internal sanitary installation


What is an internal (sanitary) installation?


The drinking water supply pipe


What is a drinking water supply pipe?

Is there a difference between a supply pipe and a connection?

What is a mini interior system or mini internal installation?

What is the difference between a drinking water supply pipe and a water meter?

Can I use the water pipe as earthing for the electrical system?

I think I have a lead supply pipe. What do I do now?

How to winterise pipes?

I have a leak. What should I do?


The water meter


What does a water meter look like?

Who is responsible for maintaining the water meter/meter pit?

I can't get the tap at my water meter to close. What do I do now?

I think my water meter is faulty. What should I do?

How do I know which water meter is mine?

Where should the water meter be installed?

Individual metering


Does Farys supply water in your municipality?


Check here to see whether Farys delivers water in your municipality




Work and services on the drinking water supply pipe

Work and services on the water meter


Procedure from request to implementation


New supply pipe

Change supply pipe or number of water meters

Remove supply pipe or water meters


Extension of the network


More on extension of the network


Lead time


  • You will receive a quotation within 15 working days of request or site visit.
  • Work will be scheduled at the earliest 20 working days after receipt of the signed quotation.


Inspection internal installation

Inspection internal installation



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